Destination countries

We fulfilled assignments into each european country and taking on management of sea/air transport solutions from 2014.


Successful transport assignments

We accomplish 1000+ assignments per year, besides fulfilling 300-400 transport commitments for permanent customers.


Kilometers driven

Owing to the dynamical development we drive about 1 million kilometers per year in order to comprehensively serve our customers. 

Our vehicles

DAF XF 106.460

Euro VI - EXIII class

2 DAF XF 105.460

Euro V - EEV / EXIII class

2 VW Caddy

radioactive material transportation licence

5 Krohne / Kögel

24,5t semi-trailers
side, top loading, EXII qualification


22,5t box
side loading, EXIII qualification

1 Container chassis

20-30-40-45 foot
EXIII qualification



4 rows aluminium rods + 3 rows wood rods for each trailer
pallet bumper, mul-t-lock freight fixing
anti-slip grip, extra non-skids, edge protectors
500daN ratchet strap, XL code certificate - freight fixing system
EXII ADR qualification for explosive transport, steel web

Extra services

Our drivers always supervise all load workflows and take special care for ensuring the secure transportation conditions.
Online GPS tracking, 24 hours on-call help desk service
CMR insurance on every vehicle for secure transportation
Every driver has international mobile phone
Our drivers partake professional trainings regularly



We guarantee that your freight will be properly fulfilled regarding the contractual time and place.



Loading, cargo fixation and keeping all the safety regulation are supervised by our experts each time.



We fulfill extraordinary assignments and obey special conditions in case you need them.

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We believe that maximal effeciency and comprehensive safety can only be ensured with properly kept quality standards, experienced professionals and all-in services.

Commodity good transport


Transport of building materials, groceries, electronic devices and other non-dangerous goods: machines, parts, industrial products.

Dangerous goods transport


Safety transport of ADR-classified goods, medicals, pesticides, paints, solvents and other chemicals.

Hazardous waste


Comprehensive transport solutions for industrial, medical, chemical and animal health companies that produce hazardous waste.


Explosives transport


Transport of military instruments, rockets, fireworks rockets, pyrotechnics, mining explosives and other military substances.

Radioactive substance transport


Transport of diagnostical isotope, industrial and other radioactive substances.

Containers and special transport


Transport of 20, 30, 40 and 45 foot containers, ship containers.

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